Enabling Conditional Logic For A Field


The Enable Conditional Logic option in the field settings allows you to create rules to dynamically display or hide the field based on values from another field. In order to use conditional logic, you will need to add a field to your form which supports conditional logic.

First, set up your fields. As we will be using a dropdown to handle the display of various products, start off by creating a single dropdown, a few product fields, and a total field to display the order total. In this example, we have created 3 different options within the dropdown for Free, Pro, and Pro Max, as well as fields such as choose free, choose pro

As we want Choose Free models to show up when Free is selected, we will need to enable conditional logic on each of these products. Open the options on one of your products by clicking on the field, and click on the Conditional Logic section.

Within the fly-out, you should see a toggle labeled Enable Conditional Logic. When toggled on, the options to conditionally display or hide this field will be shown.

That’s all there is to creating basic conditional logic within products. You should now be able to conditionally show or hide fields based on other fields in your form.